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Spring has Sprung in North Myrtle Beach

Spring has Sprung in North Myrtle Beach! It seems that Old Man Winter is still going strong everywhere. Everywhere that is, except North Myrtle Beach! Spring has not only sprung early but I don’t think winter ever actually came. We have been enjoying sunny, warm days in the 70s for

Top 5 Safe Travel Tips

10 Jul No Comments CGBH Travel Tips ,

Being safe while on vacation is a primary concern for everyone when traveling. And even though our little corner of the world is pretty safe, no one can ever be too safe. So we pulled together our top 5 safe travel tips to use whenever and wherever you travel, not just Cherry Grove Beach!

Your Ultimate Vacation Checklist

If you haven’t started planning your Spring Break vacation, now is a great time to start. With this ultimate vacation checklist from Flipkey, you won’t forget a thing! Planning (3-9 Months Out): Once you’ve decided where to go, set a budget for your vacation. This sets the tone for the

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