Tips for Staying on Budget during Your Next Vacation

Vacations can be tons of fun for the whole family. However, they can also be expensive. Here are a few tips to help you stay within your budget during your next vacations.

  1. Planning an affordable beach vacation

    Don’t think a beach vacation is in your budget? Think again!

    Book Early. The earlier you book your vacation, the longer you have to pay it off. Not to mention you have more opportunities to find your ideal accommodations at an ideal price.

  2. Don’t Stay at Peak Times. We are lucky that once the beach weather arrives in Myrtle Beach, it stays well into October most years. If you are planning your vacation, opt for times that are near peak season but not during it to save on your accommodations.
  3. Choose a House over a Hotel. Renting a house, condo, or duplex can mean overall savings. Not only do you have more space, you can usually invite more people as they sleep more. Having a few friends or another family can mean less cost per person. (Be sure to check out our tips to avoiding rental scams online first!)
  4. Eat In. Instead of dining out for every meal, choose to eat in most days. No matter where you stay, you can always stock up on cereal, protein bars, fruit, bread and peanut butter for easy breakfasts and lunches. If you have access to a full kitchen, you should take full advantage of it. Not only will your wallet thank you, but so will your stomach and waistline!
  5. Buy Needed Supplies in Advance. Ask the place you are staying what they provide. If you know you will need items like pillows, extra blankets or beach chairs, do not wait until you get there to purchase these items. Chances are they will be more expensive. (Click here for a list of what Cherry Grove Beach Houses recommends you bring on vacation.) The exception to the rule is refrigerated items. Wait until after you check in and check out your rental before you show up with 3 gallons of melting ice cream.
  6. Pay Cash at Attractions. Around Myrtle Beach, we have a lot of attractions to get you out of the house on days when you are a bit too sunburnt for another day on the beach. Whether you are looking for family-friendly, shopping or the weird, research the area and see how much each place costs and set your budget ahead of time. Pay cash so you know how much of your budget you have spent.
  7. Skip the Souvenirs. Instead of buying a lot of souvenirs, take photos instead! Or collect shells from the beach for your friends. Save the money and put it toward something more fun, like a day at the Ripley’s Aquarium or dinner at Pirates Voyage!

This year when you are planning your vacation, make the most of your budget by planning early, knowing what to bring in advance, and researching attractions before you arrive. To score even more deals, sign up for our specials email list and get notified by email whenever we post a new special!