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Bill HudsonEarly this week we learned that one of our co-founders/owners passed away. Bill Hudson was more than just a boss. He was like family to our little office staff. Phil used to love calling Bill and telling him how the business was doing because it always put a smile on Bill’s face and in his voice that reached through the phone. Leslie always talks about when Bill tried teaching her to drive and taking time out of his schedule to have dinner with her and just talk. Everyone loved when Bill came around the office because he was always happy. As Cherry Grove Beach Houses is a family business, most of our owners are Bill’s family, including Bill’s brother Dan, and Bill’s sons Geoff and Darren (our maintenance head).

It’s hard to sum up in words the value of a person and how they touched your life, especially after they pass. But based on the memories floating around the office, Bill Hudson value to our office staff was immeasurable. More than an owner, more than a boss, Bill Hudson was and still is family to all here at Cherry Grove Beach Houses, last name or no, and he will never be forgotten.

For more information on Bill’s life, please visit Lancaster News.