Spring Break Budget Tips

Planning your Spring Break but don’t want to break the bank? Follow these tips to make sure your Spring Break doesn’t leave you more stressed than studying for finals!

Spring Break Budget TipsSpring Break Budget Tip #1- Budget Before You Book

This may seem obvious but a lot of people book their stay first then realize they spent so much on a place to stay that they don’t have nearly as much money left for souvenirs, dinners out or even gas to get there. So be smart, budget then book.

Spring Break Budget Tip #2- Drive, Don’t Fly

If your group is large enough, driving can make more economical sense than flying. Everyone can chip in for gas, no need to rent a car to get you from the airport to you rental, and no worrying about missing luggage! However, if it’s just you and one other person,

Spring Break Budget Tip #3- Check Out Discount Flights

Discount flights are great if there are just a few of you traveling. Shop around and get the best price possible, just make sure you know where the airport is in relation to your rental home for the week. You may still need to rent a car or catch a cab. (FYI, the Myrtle Beach International Airport is 22-26 miles from our office or 35-40 minutes depending on the route you take.)

Spring Break Budget Tip #4- Bring Your Student ID

Plenty of places honor student discounts for out of town colleges. Be sure to bring your student ID and save a little cash throughout the week!

Spring Break Budget Tip #5- BYOG (Bring Your Own Groceries)

Eating out for every meal is expensive. Even fast food can run you $5-8 per person per meal. After you check in, swing by the nearest grocery store and stock out on essential breakfast and lunch items like coffee, peanut butter, bread, cereal, milk, sandwich meat, etc. Suddenly breakfast goes from $5 per person to less than a dollar. Save going out for dinner or even lunch to score lunch deals.

Spring Break can easily drain all your savings if you let it. This year give your wallet a break and follow these tips to ensure a fun but budget-friendly Spring Break!

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