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Top 5 Safe Travel Tips

Being safe while on vacation is a primary concern for everyone when traveling. And even though our little corner of the world is pretty safe, no one can ever be too safe. So we pulled together our top 5 safe travel tips to use whenever and wherever you travel, not just Cherry Grove Beach!

Top 5 Safe Travel Tips1. Leave your valuables at home or in a safe place. 

Any priceless items should remain at home as well as anything you don’t want to have to replace. Items like your camera, laptop and cellphone should be kept in a safe place at all times and out of sight when not in use. Not only will this minimize the chance of possible theft, it will keep them safe from becoming lost or damaged.

2. Be careful trusting strangers.

You can be nice to strangers without being too trusting. Don’t have them hold your camera, watch your drink or drive you home (unless you are using a taxi or Uber). But you should talk to people! Get to know a few locals or other vacationers.

3. Go out in groups, Come home in groups

Have the rule “arrive together, leave together” whenever you go out. Knowing you are responsible for keeping everyone in your group together will make you all a little more aware of your surroundings. Plus clubs and miniature golf are more fun in groups!

4. Keep your windows and doors locked. 

Large groups staying in one house can mean a lot of coming and going but make sure if you are the last one leaving to lock your windows and doors.

5. Watch your drink & drinking

Everyone loves to party, but be mindful of both your drink and the number of drinks you are consuming. Don’t leave your drink unsupervised and don’t trust a stranger to watch it. Also know your limit and when to stop. Plus side? You will be less likely to suffer from a hangover the next day.

Being safe on vacation isn’t hard when you use a little common sense like not showing off valuables, being mindful of strangers and your surroundings and locking your doors when you go out. For more tips like these, check out all our Travel Tips posts.

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