Homeowners and Cherry Grove Beach Houses Make An Excellent Team!

Leave the Management of your Beach Investment Property in the Hands of People Who Have Been There

Cherry Grove Beach Houses is a fully licensed and insured family owned/operated property management business that has been around for decades. When we first started in the 1980's, we only rented houses that we personally owned, which is why homeowners prefer us to manage their property. Unlike any other management company, we know what it is like to be the actual homeowner and know what is expected in terms of ROI; along with all the other services and responsibilities that a property management company should possess. After nearly 40 years of success, other Real Estate investors have reached out to us asking us to manage their property. Since then, we have added property management to our services and Real Estate Investors all over the country have trusted us to not only care for their property, but have relied on us to generate revenue for their investment. Our company prides ourself on having the knowledge and experience of being the homeowner because it allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of the homeowner; which is something other management companies cannot do.

Ask us about Guaranteed Money

Here at Cherry Grove Beach Houses we are confident enough in our ability to rent houses that we offer upfront guaranteed rent money.  We will pay cash upfront for your rental property to lease it for a 1 year at a time. Full payment upfront at the beginning of the lease, with no hassle for the rest of the year.  For more information please contact us.  

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