About Us

Cherry Grove Beach Houses was established in 1989 by William (Bill) Hudson Sr. (1946-2015). Bill had spent most of his life working as a handyman and taking on construction projects until he embarked on his journey into the world of real estate shortly after Hurricane Hugo swept through the North Myrtle Beach area. This devastating storm left over 80,000 homes along the Grand Strand in disrepair, and many of these properties were put up for sale. Despite having limited capital, Bill made the bold decision to acquire several of these storm-damaged houses at below-market prices. Leveraging his extensive background in construction, Bill undertook the challenging task of renovating the acquired properties, transforming them into attractive vacation rental homes in North Myrtle Beach. This marked the inception of Cherry Grove Beach Houses. 

Soon after, Bill had his first son, Geoff Hudson. Geoff, like his father, worked in construction and began buying vacation houses in Cherry Grove that needed remodeling. After remodeling, he would also rent the houses to vacationers. Cherry Grove Beach Houses then became a family business, with father and son buying and managing their properties together. Over the years, they continued to grow, buying, selling, trading, and renting beach houses. Together, they have transacted over $20 million worth of beach properties during their lifetime, which has truly solidified Cherry Grove Beach Houses' presence in the North Myrtle Beach community.

Years later, Geoff found himself the father of three sons: Will, Adam, and Joey Hudson, each of whom would play a crucial role in the family business. After acquiring valuable insights into the beach rental industry under the guidance of their father and grandfather, the Hudson brothers made a collective decision to expand the scope of Cherry Grove Beach Houses. Up to that point, Cherry Grove Beach Houses exclusively managed properties owned by their family. However, Will, Adam, and Joey saw an opportunity to diversify by introducing a comprehensive property management service, extending their expertise to vacation rentals owned by other homeowners. Since then, the entire Hudson family has been working harmoniously to oversee properties for various homeowners. With an impressive accumulation of over 100 years of combined experience in the beach rental sector, facilitating millions in beach house transactions, and the unique privilege of spending their days working alongside family members, Cherry Grove Beach Houses has truly achieved the quintessential American Dream.


Cherry Grove Beach Houses is a proud member of the following organizations:

North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 

North Myrtle Beach Rotary Club

Our office serves as a drop-off location for canned food donations to support Hope's Kitchen